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The program WTC (Windows Time Control ) allows you to reduce the time your child spends in front of your computer. You can set the daily limit and when the time is over the computer automatically shuts down. The hourly limit allows you to set the hours during which a computer can be restarted.

It is a program that has won multitudes of users with ease of use and effectiveness.

In the face of ever more addictive and dangerous virtual world of the internet and games, parents should be able to have good control over what and when their child is doing at computer.

The Windows Time Control program (WTC) is designed to help caring and informed parents to limit the time spent by their children in front of the computer. It was created to be a simple tool for you to be able to control the fact your children are not wasting time poring in front of the computer and playing games even when you are away.

The program allows you to set the time after which the computer automatically shuts down, you can establish daily limits or you can allow the work of the computer only during limited hours.

In connection with a fully automatic operation of the program, you avoid a quarrel with your children. The program works consistently which makes you quickly get used to the limits, knowing that none of his or her requests will not be effective.

Windows Time Control is a program that has been designed from the beginning for speed and ease of use. You can use it after you download and install without making any other changes in the system.

However, if you want to set a limit on the computer for the advanced user, we need to do better and put the child up „Ordinary member” account.

While getting to accept any anti-virus and browser warnings. During installation, you are privileges for the administrator.

Here are some videos dealing with installation, configuration and activation of the Windows Time Control.

View the full version of the program (configuration):

The View from the side of the anonymous user:

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